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Environmental Consultancy

In today's world, sustainability is a crucial aspect of every business, and at Glon Recycling and Resource Management, we understand the importance of environmental responsibility.
Our goal is to help you achieve zero waste-to-landfill or sustainable materials management through waste assessments, extracting the most value from your waste resources, and reducing costs while improving your environmental footprint. Our services include environmental compliance support, site investigation and remediation, zero-waste-to-landfill consulting, and more.
We offer waste assessments to assist you in the following:

Improving your environmental footprint

Reducing costs

Identifying new revenue streams

Managing and mitigating risk.

We have a diverse network of facilities that can process materials, treat wastewater, recycle electronic waste, depackage goods, and recover energy. Our logistics experts can manage the retrieval of products from stores, warehouses, or any other location, and we maintain a fleet of trucks for transportation needs. Our secure product destruction service is unmatched, and we offer recycling options for components of the products and/or packaging. At the end of the process, we can provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, protecting your company from liability and damage to your brand reputation while safeguarding the environment. With Glon Recycling and Resource Management, you can become a leader in environmental responsibility and move towards a circular economy.

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